This Studebaker Avanti eats Hellcats

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy declared, “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” That same year, the Studebaker Corporation gambled it all on a flagship 2+2 grand tourer with V-8 power. One dream made it, one […] Read More

Icon’s barn-burning 1949 Hudson Super Six is anything but neglected

Restomod gurus from Icon recently debuted their latest creation. Based in Chatsworth, California, Icon is famous for transforming Toyota FJs, Ford Broncos, and flatfender Jeeps into re-engineered restomods, and this 1949 Hudson Super Six is the latest in Icon’s Derelict line, which features an all-new chassis and drivetrain under bodywork that’s left as untouched as possible. Icon made a name for […] Read More

Icon’s first derelict Bronco is burnished to perfection

All of Icon 4×4’s Ford Bronco or Toyota FJ40 restorations are built with an eye for detail, an emphasis on substance and usability over unnecessary flash. Icon built 14 Broncos for customers in 2017, with plans to build 17 by the end of 2018, but this 1966 Bronco roadster is new territory for the outfit. It’s the first that […] Read More

This 1000-hp “Christine” tribute is one helluva Hemi build

We all knew Christine would need some extra help resurrecting herself, especially after being compacted into a tiny cube. Still, who could have predicted the cursed 1958 Plymouth Fury to come back snorting three times more horsepower than her dubbed-over Cobra Jet soundtrack ever boasted, thanks to a Hellephant powerplant? Stay your knees from knocking long enough to […] Read More

I bought a film-famous Murcielago for $80K, and then things

upercar ownership ain’t what it used to be. Pop open any social media app and you’ll be thrust into a sea of barely-post-pubescent man-children braying about how getting their sparkly one-off Ferrari three weeks out of high school was a result of 49 percent “rising”, 49 percent “grinding”, and… two percent having a semi-absent dad […] Read More

Peek Inside Eero Saarinen’s Iconic General Motors Technical Center

A new book dives into the rarely seen archives of the iconic midcentury-modern campus in Warren, Michigan Today, Eero Saarinen is one of the world’s most famous architects, noted for such designs as the TWA Flight Center at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and Washington Dulles International […] Read More

11 Mesmerizing Structures by Shigeru Ban

From inventive relief structures to avant-garde public spaces, the Japanese architect has made his name with a range of unexpected creations Winner of the 2014 Pritzker Prize, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban gained international acclaim by using unorthodox materials such as cardboard and paper for structures designed to aid disaster victims around the globe. His visionary aesthetic, at […] Read More

7 Futuristic Stadiums Designed by Famous Architects

From Zaha Hadid’s stunning Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar to Populous’s head-turning stadium for London’s Tottenham Hotspur, these structures will excite sport and architecture lovers alike Arenas are no longer merely a place to watch sports—now, they’re cutting-edge structures that serve a multitude of purposes for fans of any age. This, of course, is not […] Read More

This Home in the Austrian Alps Pushes the Limits of

Berlin-based Danish architect Sigurd Larsen created this home in the Austrian Alps to meet the needs of a young family—namely by expanding the possibilities of prefabricated building In order to build a family home high on an Austrian mountainside, architect Sigurd Larsen turned to prefab construction, creating the building’s walls and roof in a factory before assembling […] Read More

Los Angeles Roads May Soon Be Paved With Recycled Plastic

Los Angeles is a driving city, with millions of residents hitting the road every day. As such, many of the city’s streets are quite well-worn, to put it nicely. Los Angeles is also, like many other cities, struggling with reducing its plastic consumption—a bill attempting to partially phase out single-use plastics was rejected by lawmakers […] Read More